Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why Dan isn't blogging

He is to busy helping me create awesome prizes for the rodeos and helping Zeak practice.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Congratulations to Mike Sperry for asking the first serious question. The question is, what should he name his new 7mm WSM Browning A Bolt hunting rifle. First of all, to all you serious hunters out there, naming a new rifle is extremely Important, and to be asked to name a hunters rifle carries with it a sacred responsibility and can weigh heavy one ones mind. Mike I am honored, and I thank you for the opportunity. Two days ago mike showed me the target on which he sighted his new gun in. Two shots 3 inches to the left, then two to the right, one dead center and then two center and one inch high at one hundred yards. Six bullets and wham it was over.( you know, any gun that can be pulled out of the box and dead centered with 6 bullets, leaving 14 more for the hunting trip, is the gun of the future. With Obama as president the talk of bullet prices is unheard of.)  It was a beautiful thing, as beautiful as my wife walking down the beach in a sweet swim suit with her brown hair feathered in the breeze. No Mike your guns name is not lisa. ( thats my wife's name and its already taken. ) The name for your gun is Pamela. Named after the famous Pamela Anderson of Bay Watch. Have you ever seen her walk down the beach? Second to my wife, Its a beautiful thing and thats what I am talking about. Congratulations mike, that is your guns name. Now just so that every one understands the rules of naming a gun. Mens guns receive female names and women's guns get male names and that is because of the holding and caressing that will take place while using such equipment. and we will not have any of that other stuff. By the way the bullet of choice for this gun of mikes was a 140 grain Barnes Tipped Triple Shock Bullet. This is Grizz signing out, and the new theory is, if you want your hunting rifle to perform to its optimum capabilities you must hold it tight, caress it, care for it, and it must have a name. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So the question is; if an elk craps in the woods and no one is there to smell the stink is the stink still there? First of all serious questions is what we are after, but we are tying to get this thing rolling so we will create our first theory. If you run your credit card through a credit card machine at Cabelas will it show up on your statement at the end of the month. yes for every action there is an opposite or equal reaction. When an elk craps, the methane gasses are expelled from the anal cavity whether he is on Mt. Nebo or the Pavhant. that natures way. Yes, it stinks whether you are there or not my theory is crap stinks and that steam rising off of crap as it hits the ground, its crap to and yes it does stink. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. I thank Dr. Lance Greer of ST George for that question.
On a more serious note I have a new theory that I want to through out there. It has to do with horses and life. Last Saturday my wife got bucked of a horse and broke her pelvis in two places. Not to mention she sustained some nasty nasty bruises. If that were you should you stop doing something you love because of the possibility of hurting or even killing ones self. We all know life is short and no one knows when it will end. we also know that if we stayed in bed all day because we were afraid, we would never fulfill our earthly existence. this means my theory is life should never be lived in fear of what might happen but lived every day, no matter what the circumstance might be, like we dream it should be. Now that doesn't mean we go about life screaming down the road at 100 miles an hour with a beer in our hand, no seat belt, in the dark with no head lights on a curving canyon road. the key is to be wise and careful taking as much risk out of doing what you love as you possibly can, and then do it, live it, and love it while you are doing it. Lisa's accident was a fluke deal, but as I have looked back on it, we did not take the risk out of what my wife loved to do. She will ride again, I'm sure of that and when she does we have some big decisions to make. remember don't live in fear of what might happen in life, but take as much risk out of it as you can and run with it, live it, love it, and don't be afraid of it. Thats my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Who am I

well it goes something like this. Im an avid outdoors man. one who enjoys spending time in places were few men have walked. a friend of the farmer. grew up around it. Its a way of life. to the cattle men im no stranger. He has made a life doing something I love. Some what of an athlete. collage football is what I crave. Don't forget the sport of rodeo. just watch Billy Etbaugher Ride a bronc and try to say he is not a true athlete. A respecter of all good people and good things no matter who or what they may be. Music now thats one of the things I can say I truly respect believe it our not right down to the classical music that yes I listen to. Im a son , grandson, husband, father, and a fiend. Religious? yes, and not afraid so basically what I'm telling anyone visiting this sight is ask and you shall receive a theory. one thing I like about my theories is they are mine. open to change? yes, but none the less mine. ask any question I will give it to you as strait as it can come from my mouth. yes I am only 32 and from a small town in the middle of utah and my computer skills are pretty much null and void but ask and a theory will be born.